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Building from our flagship brand, Know Your Horses, Know Your Wallet channels over a year of identifying, capitalizing and sharing game specific yield generation techniques in the play-to-earn gaming space.

Player Feedback
Our flagship product was developed directly from feedback from our users. We actively look to build features that our members need no matter how big or small. We are all players first. If you need it, we want to build it.
Asset Explorers
Explore all of the assets within the projects we cover. Discover different characteristics, types and levels of rarity. Identify gems, compare your own assets and find your next purchase.
Market Dynamics
P2E markets operate differently than the rest of the P2E space. We use modeling and comparative analysis and our own curations to help you track movements across every game. Our goal is to never leave money on the table, and to help you enjoy the journey.
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Community Building
Through the ups and downs of NFT markets, community reigns supreme. We're organizing the top minds across our supported games and within the broader NFT space to create a supporting and inquisitive community of fun-loving casual players and top sharps alike.
Cross Platform Aggregation
We're building a one-stop-shop for all of the top P2E games. Aggregate your portfolios performance across multiple games and explore any of the assets in your wallet in one place.
Performance Analysis
Deep dive into the competitive performance of your assets. Uncover how to generate yield and expand your understanding of the game. We help you discover, classify and optimize your in-game utility.

The Founder's Pass

A limited edition, 777 item collection minting for 0.423E on Friday May 6th at 4:23pm.


Ryan Trost Headshot

Ryan Trost

An avid ZED Run stable manager and gaming enthusiast, Ryan is educated in biomedical engineering and is a ex-full time professional equities trader. As Product Lead for KYW, Ryan aids the engineering team to conceptualize new tools and areas of research.

Tyler Klose Headshot

Tyler Klose

Tyler is the co-founder of Know Your Wallet and lead engineer. A builder and entrepreneur at heart, Tyler thrives on the feedback loop of developing new features, digesting feedback from users, and iterating quickly to provide powerful tools that make people's lives easier.

Adam Dalton Headshot

Adam Dalton

Adam has spent his career developing large scale artificial intelligence applications to understand online social systems, uniquely preparing him for advanced analysis of web3 ecosystems. Known for creating one of the original Zed rankings, Adam delivers tools to help players use their NFT gaming assets more effectively.

Peter Jennings Headshot

Peter Jennings

A legendary DFS player, analyst and contributor, Peter co-founded FantasyLabs. Eventually aquired by Action Network, FantasyLabs harnessed data and tools to aid users in creating DFS lineups. Now, Peter channels his previous experience as a co-founder of Lucky Trader.

Jonathan Bales Headshot

Jonathan Bales

An author, DFS star and co-founder of FantasyLabs and Lucky Trader, Bales brings 6+ years of experience in using and developing analytics for gaining edge. First in sports betting and now also in NFT's, Bales assists the KYW team in conceptualizing products and go-to-market strategies.

Matt Restivo Headshot

Matt Restivo

Matt is a lifelong builder, specializing in delivering, monetizing and scaling products and direct-to-consumer subscription services. As CEO of Lucky Trader, Matt is pivotal in guiding the Know Your Wallet team's expansionary efforts.

Know Your Horses Platform

Know Your Horses

In April of 2021, the Know Your Horses team pioneered development of analytical tools for the massively popular digital horse racing platform ZED Run. Widely considered to be the top third-party tool in the ecosystem, the KYH team is expanding across multiple play-to-earn gaming communities.

Lucky Trader Platform

Lucky Trader

Founded by some of the most well known daily fantasy sports players and creators of FantasyLabs, Lucky Trader aims to be "the homepage of NFTs", providing an on-ramp to new NFT enthusiasts will offering in-depth trend analysis for the most seasoned investors.